Elizabeth Anthony is a painter who lives and works in Malibu, California. She is a graduate of Williams College (’86) and the UCLA School of Law (’91). Elizabeth has studied drawing and painting for a number of years with many inspiring artists, most recently Nick Brown (UCLA), and previously Marc Trujillo, Anne-Marie Karlsen and Marc Komponeyets (Santa Monica College), and Ken Bracken and Ellen King (Brentwood Art Center).

Elizabeth’s work is informed by written narratives she creates as part of her practice. Her recent abstract paintings find their creative origin in workers building, fixing and tinkering with our contemporary infrastructure. She also explores people in liminal states, waiting or pausing, expecting or enduring. She is interested in the contradictions in our internal lives, and the way in which those contradictions play out in our actions. She is also drawn to the narratives and spiritual states depicted in the long tradition of religious painting. Elizabeth’s work signifies her fascination with the tactility of oil paint and the myriad ways it can be manipulated.